Week One: How start your Healthcare Staffing Business

Establish a business entity and go to your states

Small Business Administration:

FEDERAL EIN: Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online

Check for the domain name and website

1.  INC Authority: https: //

Our Top Recommendation is INC Authority. They are the least expensive for quicker LLCs. See links below:

2.  LegalZoom:

3.  Compliance Harbor:

Week Two: Legal If you need further assistance, check with the following government institutions.

  1. Federal Department of Revenue – Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  2. State Department of Revenue (Your State)
  3. State Department of Labor (Your State)

Create Article of Operations
Free template services to assist you may have to enter a credit card for a free subscription.



ESET for Business – Small Business Security Pack – Save 25%:

ESET for Business – Small Business Security Pack – Save 25% on a two year subscription

ESET – Nurse Discount – Nurses can enjoy a 25% discount off ESET Consumer Package:

Nurse Discount – Nurses can enjoy a 25% discount off ESET consumer products. 

Apply for LLC or Incorporate Your Business:

Week Three: Building website domain, website builder, and Logo

Week Four: Connecting with the insurance and funding

Workmen Compensation:

Best option is to go to your state small business office and apply for workmen’s compensation insurance

EEO, General liability:

Funding Company: The Southern Bank

POC: Chas Justice

altLINE | The Southern Bank

Telephone: (843) 323-8869

Download The Intake Form Click Here


Small Business Insurance By Hiscox – America’s leading small business insurer with roots dating back to 1901. Hiscox insures, supports, and inspires small business owners to protect the companies they spend a lot of time building.  As experts in risk, we give people and businesses the confidence to realize their ambitions, and we have the expertise to challenge convention and find a better way to help our customer secure their companies.


Nurse Agency Licensing Act – Protects the public’s right to high-quality health care by licensing and mandating standards of operation for nurse agencies that refer, employ, or assign registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, or certified nurse aides to health care facilities. If you wish to start a Healthcare Staffing or Medical Staffing Agency, most states require purchasing the correct insurance to operate your business. Therefore, it is crucial that you have this insurance protection in place before you apply for a Nurse Agency Licensing in the state you will be operating your business.  The below business is provided for you to seek out professional licenses. You are welcome to use our recommended company or seek your preferred insurer.

Week 5: Invoicing, scheduling software, Payroll sourcing, Phone Scripting, and Prospective clients, subcontractors, W-2,1099



Quick Books

Scheduling software

Best for Small business

When I Work  When I Work | Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Software

Employee scheduling and time tracking software for the modern workforce. Desktop and mobile apps give everyone the access they need.

Paycor  offers scheduling and payroll

Payroll sourcing company

Paycor  offers scheduling and payroll



Phone Scripting: see scripting form

Affordable phone systems

Evoice: cost $15.00-20.00 a month

Zoom Phone: $ 10.00- 35.00 a month

Ring Central: price varies


Virtual office provides you in state address



Post scan mail:


How to Find Prospective Clients and Staffing:






W-9 and 1099 forms

Week Six: The Best Background Check Sites

Business and Personal Finance:

BHG Money – Loans to transform your life or your business.

They provide flexible financial solutions fast! Offering loans without personal collateral requirements. They believe your credit score doesn’t define you in your personal and business life.


  • Quick result for your busy schedule – estimates your payment on their website in less than 30 seconds, and most approvals are completed in 24-48 hours.
    • Their team provides white-glove concierge service—listening to your goals and motivations and working around your busy schedule to take care of your needs.
    • Integrity in everything we they do – Loaning money since 2001, they’ve been dedicated to serving customers with the most innovative financial solutions — funding over $12 billion in loan solutions.
    • View your estimate loan – No application fees, commitment, or impact on personal credit to estimate your payment.
    • Protect your credit – An opportunity to impact your goals – not your score When you apply for a loan, you won’t experience any negative impact on your personal credit.

Congratulations! You got this believe in yourself

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