How to Go from Making

Zero to $1,000,000

In Your Medical/Healthcare Staffing Business

Scale Your Medical/Healthcare Staffing Business to $1M with the Proven Strategies from a Millionaire Business Coach and the CEO of Curis Staffing. I am a highly success business coach, business owner, and entrepreneur who is waiting to help you succeed in owning a healthcare/medical staffing business.

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Deep inside you, there’s a potential to build a lot of wealth.

But your past failures and your mind’s learned response are holding you back from reaching your true potential to make an impact in yours and other people’s lives.

We all have been there… Some call it a plateau or even being on a lone island.

The fact of the matter is that you CAN make a million dollars or more in a short amount of time. I know because I have done it. However, I had a business coach and have taken over 100 courses to help me reach the next level. It was my time to help you with our proven success system and a specific formula that helped me grow millionaire profits. You will not have to spend over $300k I did to gain the success I have.  Yes, I operate a Healthcare Staffing company as well. My company and website are CurisStaffing, LLC, and It is our mission to help you launch your business.

Dear entrepreneur friends,

I am Coach Deon Huff. I own multiple 7-figure businesses. As a business coach for over 25 years,  I have helped countless students and trainees become successful. Many of them became millionaires through my coaching, taking my courses, and reading my eBooks.

But you see…The road to becoming a sought-after coach was not easy.

When I started my first company from my home office over a decade ago, I faced many challenges and spent an ungodly amount of money failing at business. I’ve been there…I’ve faced the struggles, challenges, and fears you’re facing now. I have learned not to fear failing but to use these experiences as tools for learning and improving. 

I became obsessed with learning the ins and outs of running a successful healthcare staffing business—so much so that I became a teacher to share my knowledge and guide other business owners who want to build a dream business like mine. Due to high demand, I created a mastery course on how to build a massively successful healthcare staffing business FAST…

This course will teach you how to start a successful business without breaking the bank and depleting your savings from starting a business the wrong way. I have been there and done that, and I aim to save you from the hundreds of mistakes I made while starting my business. 

This comprehensive healthcare staffing startup course teaches you the essential components of starting, operating, and designing your dream business. 

I am on a mission to help you succeed in business and take the guesswork out of learning how to operate a successful business. I have designed this course to be practical and actionable, with great resources, templates, and tips. If you follow along, week by week, watch the videos, and complete the exercises, in just 6 short weeks, you will have made your dreams of starting your own business a reality. And, yes, we will set you on the path of building your dream life and successful business to become a Millionaire in 12 to 18 months!

Week One: How to start your Medical/Healthcare Staffing Business

Week Two: Legal

Week Three: Building website and Marketing

Week Four: Connecting with the funding and insurance

Week Five: Understanding staffing agreement

Week Six: Marketing

Bonus Week Seven: Advanced course offer

What you’ll learn:

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Coach Deon Huff - Creator Of The Curis Staffing Academy & Owner of Curis Staff, LLC

As the creator of this course, a healthcare staffing agency owner and millionaire entrepreneur, I created this course with you in mind: future Millionaire Entrepreneurs like yourself.

I own Personalized Services International, LLC, a successful personal service company with five divisions. He has over 25 years of Business Growth, Executive Leadership, and Healthcare Operational Management experience and is a certified Business, Health, Life, and Wealth-Building Coach. 

He has coached hundreds of businesses to grow into successful companies and helped those struggling companies grow multimillion in profits. This was done by understanding the biggest pain points, overcoming challenges, rooting out fears, and addressing business shortfalls in areas called the “4P’s” in business growth: processes, planning, procurement, and people.



“Coach Deon Huff is a business and life coach full of resources that any person would be lucky to have in their arsenal to coach them to greater success. He was so insightful and the action steps we came up with were inspiring and they truly got me motivated and excited to go do homework. Coach Deon Huff’s calm assurance that I am capable, and I already have all the tools I needed to succeed at my disposal was the reinforcement I needed at the exact right time. I received life-charging coaching during our sessions. Coach Deon Huff helped me realize my full potential to move to create a profitable business and improved my life as well. Thanks, Coach Deon Huff!”


“Coach Deon Huff is an awesome business, health, and life coach. He really helped me see some clarity in my own vision. His education in what he does as well as his dedication is not only inspiring but really came through in the session. His passion to help me become my very best was really present in our life coaching sessions. I could not believe that I would get life changing motivational coaching in a session with Deon. He helped me to clearly see my goals and provided me with a roadmap to master my changed life during our sessions. Working with Deon has helped me gain clarity and start on a life path to greater success.

Through Deon’s coaching, I was able to see the roadblocks stopping me from achieving what I really wanted out of my life and business. Deon shared his own experiences and knowledge which was not only inspiring but enhanced the coaching experience. It was like talking to a friend, but he helped me to gain positive insight on what changes I needed to take to finish tasks.”

Scale Your Healthcare Staffing Business to $1M With Our Step-by-Step Course

This course will teach you how to start a successful business without breaking your bank and depleting your savings from starting a business the wrong way. It is my goal to save you from the hundreds of mistakes I made while starting my business. 

The combination of the hands-on training, business course, bonus modules, and inner-circle mastermind will all but ensure our clients grow a million-dollar profiting business within 12-18 months.

How To Launch A Successful Medical Staffing Company – Go From Zero to Millions In Profits!




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To your future success,

Deon Huff
CEO, Curis Staffing Academy
Personalized Services International, LLC


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All sales are final after the payment and at the start of the course! This is the case because we give you all of the course materials in a download format once you pay for the course.

The course is too short for us to offer installment payments and you attend this course at the same time. However, you can make payments and attend the course when the full balance has been satisfied!

Yes; however, as part of this course material, you will learn the basics of starting any business.

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