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Healthcare Training and Medical Staffing Training, Business Operations, Growth Coaching, and Mentorship, designed to help our clients go From Start-up to Multi-Million Dollar Growth Success In One Year!

Curis Staff Academy was built to provide the highest quality healthcare staffing, medical staffing, home healthcare, and medical professional coaching and consulting to individuals and organizations. 

Our Medical Staffing Training, Home Healthcare Training, and Healthcare Operations Training are designed to allow our clients to learn faster; our courses are more flexible and on-demand training and coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs to start and grow a successful business.

We offer 6 to 8 weeks of turn-key medical staffing and home healthcare startup courses that have proven to help our clients go from zero to making multi-millions in operating a business. Our hands-on approach to training our clients ensures they launch a successful business quickly.  

We are more than a training company. We are a business coaching and consulting company.

We have over 14 years of operating many successful companies and have helped thousands of small business owners start new businesses and grow their current companies to tremendous success.

Our Training Program prepares students for their roles and responsibilities in clinical, home caregiving settings, and business ownership. We walk our students through business setup components in essential business operations: Agency Startup and Operations, Obtaining State Licensure, Customized Policies and Procedures, Clinical Compliance, Medicare/Private Duty Accreditation, Business Development & Growth, Marketing & Branding Mastery, and Training Program Access via our website.

Trainees Receive – Online Course Training, Mini-training Videos, Workbooks, and Weekly Live Q&A Coaching.
Our experience, resources, tools, proven processes, and commitment to your business’s success are unparalleled in medical staff and home healthcare training. We are committed to your success and continuing education for yourself and your team.

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